Essential safety gear for mariners

by Danielle Connelly on 06. Oct, 2017 in safety

You bought a boat because boating is a lot of fun and is a great way to relax and escape the worries of everyday life. But, even on a boat, problems can occur, from a mechanical issue to someone falling overboard. If you’re unprepared, little problems can quickly become big problems on a boat.

Crossing the ocean? Don’t forget your SAR-6

by Danielle Connelly on 05. Oct, 2017 in Life Rafts

When designing a life raft, decisions are made about the relative emphasis placed on each of the features that may affect occupant survivability. If that emphasis is misplaced, a raft’s design may not be as “safe” as another. For example, a poorly designed canopy entrance may lessen survivability more than an enhanced stability system increases it.  When you are hundreds of miles away from rescue and your most likely salvation is a container ship, you want the emphasis to be placed on every part of the raft. The SAR-6 is built from the bottom-up to keep you safe and give you peace of mind in any sea conditions.

Drones causing issues, challenges for pilots

by Switlik on 04. Oct, 2017 in Aviation

The use of drones -- or Unmanned Aircraft Systems -- has become increasingly popular in recent years as technology advances and pricing have made them more accessible to individuals.

These high-tech devices continue to evolve and have made it much easier for novices to fly the drones. But with that accessibility comes more challenges -- especially for pilots. More and more pilots -- commercial as well as private ones -- are reporting issues related to drones.

Flier Gets 'Heart' for Chute Jump

by Danielle Connelly on 28. Sep, 2017

Reprint from June 30, 1945 newspaper included in original Caterpillar Club application.

An 8th Air Force Fighter Station in England, June 30 (Special)—

1st Lt. Philip H. Dunn, son of Mrs. Cora I. Dunn, has been decorated with the Purple Heart for injuries received in parachuting from his P-51 Mustang fighter on March 3, 1945. The award was made after he was liberated from a German prison camp at Barth, on the Baltic coast, and returned to his station in Essex county, England.

Guarding our waters and much more

by Switlik on 26. Sep, 2017 in Marine

It isn’t until you need the Coast Guard, that you actually think about what the organization does. 

Search and rescue is by far the most widely known work of the Coast Guard, with the organization spending nearly $1 million of its budget in 2016 for SAR efforts. But crews do so much more than patrol the waters looking out for the safety of pleasure boaters, fishermen and all activities on the water.


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