Luxury Living at Airparks

by Switlik on 21. Jul, 2017 in Aviation

Cape Cod is know for many things -- great boating destinations, top beaches and lots of water sports. But did you know it is also home to the only airpark in the state of Massachusetts?

Made in America

by Danielle Connelly on 04. Jul, 2017 in Aviation

American manufacturing has been on the decline since the 1970’s and in 2010, China took over as the world’s largest manufacturer. It’s great to see the recent push to bring outsourced production back to the US but for us, that’s something our company has grown up with. As a company that started in 1920, we have never strayed from the tradition of American made.

Trenton Makes the World Takes

by Danielle Connelly on 16. Jun, 2017 in Aviation

The proud saying “Trenton Makes the World Takes”, coined in 1911, summarized Trenton’s manufacturing virtues in a phrase. At the time, and through the 1960s, Trenton was an industrial powerhouse, famous for iron, steel, rubber and pottery. The unique position between New York and Philadelphia allowed for easy transport of finished goods, Trenton was home to Trenton Iron Co., John A. Roebling’s Sons Co., and Trenton Rubber Co.; delivering iron materials for the Capitol Building and Treasury Building, and wire rope for the Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, and Golden Gate Bridge. Tire production soared during World War I, leading Trenton to become known as the nation’s tire capital for a short while. This manufacturing heyday led rise to new companies opening in Trenton and attracted European immigrant workers, all which continued to expand the industrial hub.

Inflating the life jacket

by Danielle Connelly on 17. May, 2017 in Aviation

With a majority of the “living space” on Earth covered by water, what can we do to avoid exploring the oceanic crust?

The idea of a life preserver has been around since early day explorers and nomads, using inflated animal bladders for support crossing water but began shaping into modern versions by Norwegian seamen, on their travels creating buoyant packages consisting of wood or cork to be used as flotation devices in case of capsize. This soon sparked inventors to develop different ring buoys, ballast belts, and full body suits. From there, designs refined, and the development of the life jacket gets a little “inflated” as several are credited with the wearable cork jacket:

With the growing use of RFID in aerospace, Switlik answers

by Danielle Connelly on 25. Apr, 2017 in Aviation

Today, airlines face tremendous pressure from rising business costs, low-cost competitors, and passenger service demands; airlines constantly need to search for new advances in technology and process improvements to develop a competitive edge. For everyone’s safety, the industry will never get away from or minimize a thorough checklist that flight and ground crews must go through to deem the aircraft fit to fly, through ICA compliance. But there is an easier, more efficient route for the flight crew.


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