11 safety items every boater should have

by Switlik on 13. Jul, 2017 in Marine

As fun as boating can be, when problems arise on the water, things can get really bad, really fast. That’s why it’s important to be prepared by having appropriate safety gear on your boat. Here are 11 items every boater should have on his or her boat.

A boater’s paradise -- five top ports

by Switlik on 10. Jul, 2017 in Marine

The Travel Channel has come up with five top boating destinations for the cruising crowd that the website says is sure to “reduce stress and improve quality of life.” We would have to agree with the choices, having visited four out of the five locations.

Safe boating tips for a fun Fourth on the water

by Switlik on 30. Jun, 2017 in Marine, Life Rafts, safety

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is urging all boaters to use extra caution while boating during the upcoming July 4th holiday.

Adding to The Ledger of the Deep

by Danielle Connelly on 05. Jun, 2017 in Marine

What’s really in a name?

Naming your boat goes back to the early days of sea-faring when names were given for logistic reasons, much like today’s registration numbers. Tradition continued through and with it the lure of superstition. Legend has it that Poseidon/Neptune (depending on which deity you prefer, Greek or Roman) keeps The Ledger of the Deep, a scroll containing all of the names of all of the boats. If your boat name is on the list, you’re in luck, Poseidon or Neptune will protect your boat. Not on the list? Godspeed on the seas.

Are you prepared for safe boating?

by Danielle Connelly on 22. May, 2017 in Marine

With just one week away from the unofficial start of summer, we are definitely daydreaming of summer days out on the boat, enjoying some sun. The fun does however bring some risk. In 2015, where cause of death was known, 76% of fatal boating accident victims drowned. The Coast Guard does require a life vest be on board for every passenger and that children must wear one at all times. Wearing a life vest can go a long way providing buoyancy while waiting for rescue, but sometimes, just a life vest isn’t enough.


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