Switlik Life Rafts used in the 2012 US Sailing Safety at Sea Seminar at U.S. Naval Academy

by Switlik on 12. Apr, 2012 in Marine

switlik-sar6-safetytraining-DSC_0440Over the course of this past weekend, two Switlik Offshore Life Rafts were deployed, allowing over 100 participants the opportunity to experience firsthand how to deploy, board and utilize all the safety equipment supplied in a offshore life raft.  The first training session took place on the severn river and was a live deployment off one of the Naval Academy’s sloops.  The raft used in this session was the Switlik SAR-6 Offshore Life Raft, which is the most advanced life raft available on the market.  The key features of this raft is the convertible canopy which allows for simple boarding as victims can jump directly into the raft, limiting their time the water.  The canopy design allows for endless configurations for shelter ensuring proper ventilation in addition to providing easy extraction when rescue teams are on scene.  The second feature which was highlighted in the Safety at Sea Seminar is the large ballast system.  The entire bottom of the raft features one large ballast bag that allows a large amount of water to enter and circulate in an oval fashion, ensuring the raft will be stable while riding waves and can withstand the downdraft of a rescue helicopter when extracting victims.

A Mariner’s Most Dreaded Phrase, “Man Overboard”: Marine Safety training from the experts

by Switlik on 10. Jan, 2012 in Marine

By: Teresa O’Connor, Life Raft Survival Equipment, Inc.   teresa@LRSE.com

Switlik SAR-6 Offshore Life Raft aides in the Rescue of two 11 year old boys in Sydney, Australia

by Switlik on 08. Jan, 2012 in Marine


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