MRP-10Compact, and durable.

Originally designed for and currently in use by airport crash/rescue teams worldwide. The Rescue Platform is an affordable way for leisure marine boaters to be able to keep 10 adults afloat and out of the water until help arrives. Weighing less than 40lbs., the Rescue Platform is available in compact soft valise or fiberglass container with an optional stainless steel cradle.

1300 lbs buoyancy. Water Activated. 40 lbs packed.

Switlik MOM 600 Pack, pull red handle to activate

Dual chamber, 100% reversible.

The MRP-10 is 100% reversible allowing large groups to simple board the unit no matter which way it inflates. This is very important when you’re trying to quickly climb aboard the raft.

MRP seats 10 easily
Seating for 10, with easy entry.

The Air Charge inflation platform provides provides over 1300 pounds of inflated buoyancy through its 12 inch diameter tubes and heat sealed floor providing flotation for 10 people. Multiple boarding straps surround the MRP-10. Along with its relatively low profile, and sturdy buoyancy tube, it is easy for any sized person to get up and out of the water.