Caring for your Armadillo Merino

Easy Care Merino

Your Armadillo Merino® garments resists the build up of odor so they can be worn for longer without getting smelly (days or even weeks if you have to) and finally when you have to wash them, it's a simple task. 

Machine Washable

No need for high temperatures or special detergents because merino is self-cleaning in water and naturally releases dirt and odor even in a cool wash. Simply wash at up to 100F (40C) with all your other clothes using your usual detergent. 


Quick Drying

Your lightweight garment will line dry quickly or you can just leave it out overnight. If pushed for time, you can tumble dry on low heat, but do so sparingly and you will prolong your garment's life.  


Who likes ironing?

After washing, merino recovers its shape without wrinkling. You should never need to iron it, but if you want to, use the wool setting. 

RIP Armadillo Merino®...

...bury it with honors

Treat it with respect and your trusty Armadillo Merino® garment will give you years of loyal service. When the time comes to say goodbye, don't just throw it away, bury it with honors. As a protein, merino fiber biodegrades in the soil within 12 months while releasing valuable nutrients and in doing so, completes the natural cycle.