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Constant Wear Life Vests

Thin. Light. Comfortable. Durable. Safe.

SWITLIK Constant Wear Life Vests are designed to provide pilots and passengers with superior safety and comfort for flights over water. SWITLIK offers life vests with ETSO & FAA Approvals.
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Anti-Exposure Suits

Breathable, fire resistant dry suits

Originally designed for the US Coast Guard, the U-Zip-It Suit and its variations are available for all aviators. 

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Airline Style Life Vests

FAA & CAA Approvals

SWITLIK has been producing and selling life vests to airlines and general aviators around the world for over 60 years. Products include single and double cell vests as well as our signature ILV-20 Infant Life Vest. 
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Aviation Life Rafts

FAA TSO approved

SWITLIK Aviation Rafts are designed to provide emergency flotation in the event of an aircraft ditching. There are commercial versions of rafts originally designed for and currently being used by military personnel around the world. 

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