Flotation Collar

Flotation Collar: FAA Approved Flotation

for Lift & Fall Harnesses

The SWITLIK Flotation collar is the perfect way to add FAA-approved flotation to your over-water lifting operations. The Yoke-style Flotation Collar design incorporates lacing flaps and Velcro covers for attachment of the collar. After initial attachment, the collar becomes an extension of the harness for all over-water applications. Likewise, it can be removed from the harness when not required, and be worn alone as a personal life preserver. 



Helicopter operators performing Human External Cargo operations, such as:

  • High-tension electric line inspection and maintenance
  • Helicopter-aided construction
  • Wind Farm maintenance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Firefighting and Police

FAA Approved Flotation:

The Flotation Collar is FAA TSO-C13d approved, and can integrate with any of the popular commercially available harnesses with over-the-shoulder straps. This eliminates the bulk and interference of putting a life vest on over top of your harness.



Secure and Easy Attachment 

The Flotation Collar can be easily attached to most manufacturers’ more popular over-the-shoulder lift and fall harnesses. Lacing flaps on the underside of the Flotation Collar are closed around shoulder straps of the harness just above the chest strap, making a secure connection and creating a low profile. The Collar’s back strap feeds through the D-Ring on the back of the harness and attaches to the waist strap, further securing the fit, eliminating interference and reducing bulk.

Simple deployment with our new beaded handle

High visibility red handles are found on both sides of the life preserver for quick and simple deployment. They incorporate a breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 2.06 lbs (.93 kg)
Buoyancy: Over 35 lbs
Inflation System: Two (2) 18g CO2 cylinders
Cover Fabric: Urethane-coated, nylon Cordura (FR)
Cover Color: Navy Blue  
Model: HV-35P



  • One-size-fits-all: Maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of sizes 
  • Low profile design for maximum maneuverability
  • Two (2) lacing flaps on back panels of cell cover  for  attachment to lift and fall harnesses
  • Three (3) harness integration points for secure fit
  • Twin chamber inflatable cell with two (2) oral tubes
  • One attachment buckle in front of cell with adjustable back strap for harness integration
  • Rip away Velcro cover closure  for quick access to oral tubes
  • High visibility red beaded handles are found on both sides of the vest with breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging
  • Built in locator light