U-Zip-It Accessories

U-Zip-It™Anti-Exposure Suit Accessories

These accessories are part of the Thermal Performance Layering System (TPLS), meant to expand on our ever-evolving dry suit line. As the foundation of TPLS, the accessories are intended to be worn with the Switlik U-Zip-It™ dry suit to improve comfort and increase protection and build one’s thermal protection known as Immersed Clo. 



Polartec® Fleece Suit Liner

Switlik Polartec® Thermal FR® fabric two piece zip-in thermal liner can add extra thermal protection to your suit for when conditions apply.

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Hood & Glove Separates

Neoprene Hoods and Gloves from Henderson Aqua Lock® collection.

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Hood & Glove Kit

Combined kit includes Aqua Lock® gloves and hood, this hood comes with a reflective patch on the top.

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Aqua Lock® Zippered Boots

Low profile, waterproof neoprene boots from Henderson's Aqua Lock® collection.

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Neck Ring

Worn during non-emergency situations, the neck ring improves the comfort of the neck seal.

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Inflatable Hood and Mittens

Originally produced for the military, now available to you.

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Polartec® Thermal FR® Fleece

Polartec® Thermal FR® Fabric is intended to stop the usual elements of “wind, water, dirt and fire.” The velour construction of the Polartec® Thermal FR® creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, and it is made with a unique blend of fibers for permanent flame resistance. The fabric offers superior warmth without weight, great breathability and durability, and is quick drying, soft and comfortable.

Henderson Aqua Lock®

The Hoods, gloves and boots offered by Switlik are part of Henderson's Aqua Lock® wet suit system. The hoods, gloves and boots fit with our U-Zip-It™ suit to form a nearly impenetrable seal to minimize cold water exposure to the extremities.

Every seam on the hood, gloves and boots are first double glued and blind stitched inside and out. The outer seam is coated with a special waterproof Aqua Lock® liquid tape barrier which seals the seam from water entry and also helps protect the stitching from damage and unraveling. The interior of the Aqua Lock® hood, gloves and boots are lined with Golden micro fleece lining which dries quickly and feels luxurious against the skin. It also improves ease of taking the gear off.


Fleece Zip In Liner

  • Two piece, integrated zip-in thermal liner made from Polartec® Thermal FR® fabric.U-Zip-It zip in liner
  • Short sleeves and legs to keep the core insulated while reducing weight and bulk.
  • Designed to fit over street clothes or thermal insulation garments.
  • Naturally flame resistant, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial (meaning it doesn't absorb perspiration or retain odors).
  • Attached via internal zipper closures to allow for easy removal and laundering.
  • Note: For those customers who already own a Switlik U-Zip-It™ suit and would like to add the zip-in liner option, all U-Zip-It™ suits can be retrofitted by Switlik to accept the zip-in liner.

Neck Ring


  • Optional neck ring intended to provide comfort when wearing the suit for extended periods of time.
  • The neck ring is worn outside the neck seal, out of the way of the properly seated neck seal.
  • When the neck seal is not in use and relief is desired, roll the edge of the neck seal over the neck ring.
  • WARNING: For a water-tight seal, the neck seal must be rolled off of the neck ring prior to entering the water.

Aqua Lock Bibbed Hood 

  • The outer seams are coated with a special waterproof liquid tape barrier
  • Interior lined with Golden micro fleece which feels luxurious against the skin and makes hood/gloves easy to put on and take off
  • Extended hood bib allows for additional coverage and a secure fit
  • Inner bib made from ultra-soft and supple skin neoprene to provide a compression seal against the skin
  • One-way flow vent purge valve vents air from the hood while preventing water entry
  • Available in 3/5mm material (hood/bib)
  • Sizes: US XS-XL

U-Zip-It Hood

Aqua Lock Gloves

  • The outer seams are coated with a special waterproof liquid tape barrier
  • Interior lined with Golden micro fleece which feels luxurious against the skin and makes glove easy to put on and take off
  • Special gauntlet extension allows for a secure grip when pulling glove on
  • Palm and fingers coated with thermally bonded silicone grip pattern to assure a secure grip
  • Three silicone O-rings on glove interior
  • Available in 5mm material
  • Sizes: US XXS-XL 

U-Zip-It gloves

Aqua Lock Hood and Glove Kit

  • hood_w_patch_and_gloveAll-in-one hood and glove kit
  • Comes with Aqua Lock Gloves and Aqua Lock Bibbed Hood
  • Aqua Lock Bibbed Hood comes with a reflective tape on both sides of the scull
  • Available in 3/5mm material
  • Sizes: XS-XL 

Aqua Lock Zippered Boots boot_grouping

  • The outer seams are coated with a special waterproof liquid tape barrier
  • Interior lined with quick drying Golden Fleece
  • Beefy #10 YKK zipper to assure years of hassle free use 
  • Special zipper lock secures zipper in up position
  • Heel and toe protection thermally bonded to provide long durable life
  • Low profile soleBoot
  • Three silicone O-rings on boot interior 
  • Available in 5mm material
  • Sizes: US 5-14

SWITLIK Military Style Inflatable Hood & Mittens

  • Anti-Exposure hood and mittens are to be worn in conjunction with U-Zip-It Anti-Exposure Suit as a result of emergency aircraft ditching at sea.
  • Provide protection against hypothermia and exposure to cold water, wind, spray and rain.
  • Compact oral valves for manual inflation and deflation.
  • Waterproof, polyurethane coated nylon cloth that is heat sealed to form inflatable chambers.
  • Comes with 5 ft. nylon cords for attachment to  U-Zip-It Anti-Exposure Suit.
  • One size fits all design with right and left hand designation.