Surviving as a man overboard

by Danielle Connelly on 17. Feb, 2020

Going overboard is a frightening experience because it happens so quickly but when you are in that situation, there are a couple of things you can do to help with your survival.

What is AS9100D?

by Danielle Connelly on 10. Feb, 2020

AS9100 is the quality management standard for the aviation, space, and defense industries; the highest level of quality control approvals. The intent of the standard is to establish a single quality management system for use within the aerospace industry.

FAQs: FAA Life Raft Service Interval

by Danielle Connelly on 21. Jan, 2020

Purchasing a life raft?  Here are the common questions about servicing we get  during the evaluation of a life raft.What is the service interval or TBO of my life raft?
Check with the manufacturer of your life raft, today, the most common service interval is every 3 years although some manufacturers require an annual inspection.

Storing your MOM 8-S

by Danielle Connelly on 13. Nov, 2019

Proper storage of your MOM 8-S is very important and allows you to get season after season of protection. When not in use, we recommend that you store the device in a climate-controlled environment and not leave it outside. The MOM 8-S should be stored in a clean and dry environment out of direct sunlight. The ideal storage temperature is between 60º F - 70º F with no more than 50% humidity.

Winter Prep List: Closing down the boat for the season

by Danielle Connelly on 15. Oct, 2019

Over here in the Northeast, the days are getting shorter, colder and marked with the changing color of the leaves.  It’s officially fall and the days left in this year’s boating season are numbered. That means, unfortunately, it’s time to start thinking winterizing your boat. With a winter prep checklist to get you prepared, you can tackle winterization in a weekend.


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