SWITLIK Announces New Senior Management Structure

April 7, 2010 (Trenton, NJ)  Switlik Parachute Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of aviation, marine and military personnel safety and survival equipment since 1920, announces strategic changes in its senior management group.

After 43 years of service, Richard Switlik, Jr., grandson of the company’s founder, has retired from his day-to-day role in the company as Vice President and Director of Marketing. With Mr. Switlik’s contributions, the company has grown and transitioned from being solely a military products supplier to becoming a worldwide competitor in the aviation and marine fields. In recognition of this contribution, the Board of Directors has elected Richard Switlik, Jr. to the position of Honorary Chairman of The Board, a position last held by the company’s founder Stanley Switlik, Sr.. Mr. Switlik will continue to serve the corporation’s Board of Directors as an advisor on key development projects.

The Board of Directors further has elected Stanley Switlik, II as President. Mr. Switlik, with over 39 years of experience at Switlik Parachute Company in Engineering as Director of R&D, and more recently as Vice President and Director of Manufacturing, will be the chief executive, operational and administrative officer of the corporation. Michael C. Dilts was elected corporate Treasurer and will continue as the Company’s Executive Vice President and CFO. William C. Weber, Switlik’s long time production manager, has been promoted to Vice President and Director of Manufacturing.

 A Deeper Look Into The Company

Established in 1920, Switlik Parachute Co. has been owned and operated by the Switlik family for four generations as a manufacturer of high quality sewn and heat sealed inflatable safety and survival products for the aviation, marine, and military markets worldwide.

While the traditional product mix during our 90 year history  has comprised the complete  inventory of military parachute and ejection seat harnesses, the more current product mix ranges from aviation style life preservers to large multi-place marine and aviation life rafts. Operations include producing a variety of sewn and heat sealed military personnel safety equipment items under government contract to the USN, USAF, US Army and USCG. The most up to date production mix includes anti-G suits, waterproof and breathable anti-exposure coveralls for aircrew, as well as numerous advanced designs of military and civilian inflatable life rafts and life preservers.

Switlik products are consistently top notch in design performance and first in quality of manufacture. We are proud of our existing reputation, and so we put our family name on our products and have for 90 years.

Today, the diversification of our products and markets, and our continued willingness to change with the times, are what help to insure Switlik Parachute Company’s future.

Switlik Survival Products. We look forward with confidence.


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