Changes to Switlik Sales and Marketing Staff

September 4, 2013

As many of you know, Switlik has been moving forward on a revitalization plan which has seen the company make some significant improvements over the past 12+ months (with more still to come). Part of the plan involves the company’s commitment to invest in its workforce to both modernize and expand company capabilities in critical departments such as sales, marketing and engineering. With this said, Switlik has had some recent employee additions and position changes and as such we would like to provide you with an updated list of sales and marketing personnel:
Anthony Florio- Director of Sales, aflorio@switlik.com
Ross Hallen- Director of Marketing, rhallen@switlik.com
*Sarah Switlik- Marketing Manager, sarah.switlik@switlik.com
*Brian Kender- Sales Manager, bkender@switlik.com
Marie Gowen- Customer Service Manager, mgowen@switlik.com
Salina Delgado- Sales Assistant, sdelgado@switlik.com

New to the Switlik Sales and Marketing team (*) are Sarah Switlik and Brian Kender.

Sarah comes to us from Brooks Brothers in NYC where she was an integral part of the marketing team. In her short time as Marketing Manager at Switlik, Sarah has already had a number of significant accomplishments with many more exciting things on the horizon.

Brian is our newest team member and he comes to Switlik with a technical sales background and proven record of success. Brian is also a world ranked kite board professional. His drive, determination and commitment has brought him to the top of his sport and we look forward to Brian bringing those same qualities to his new position as a Switlik Sales Manager.

NOTE: As of the date of this letter, Brian will be filling the sales role previously held by Phil Camacho. I am pleased to announce that Phil has accepted a company promotion and will now be playing an important role in Switlik’s growing engineering department.
If you have any questions about this announcement please feel free to contact me or any member of our Sales and Marketing team.


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