5 gifts sure to please any boater on your list

If you’re making a holiday shopping list and checking it twice, don’t forget the boater on your life. There are a number of fun and practical items perfect for the mariner.

Here’s our list of gear and gadgets every boater will love unwrapping this holiday season.

  1. Watch this
    The amazing Garmin quatix 5 smartwatch provides comprehensive boat connectivity with Garmin watches.jpgchartplotters and other marine electronics to offer autopilot control, remote multifunction display (MFD), waypoint marking, data streaming (including speed, depth, temperature and wind), sail-racing assistance, anchor-rode calculation and much more. Submersible-rated to a depth of 100 meters, the quantix 5 face measures 47mm wide and features a stainless steel bezel, buttons and rear case; sunlight readable color display with LED backlight; omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna and high sensitivity GPS. Find it on garmin.com.
  1. Safety first
    SWITLIK Survival products Crew Overboard Rescue Device (CORD) is an Underarm Floatation Device (UFD) designed for man-overboard emergencies. The horseshoe-shaped CORD provides 35 pounds of buoyancy and is designed to keep a person’s head and shoulders above water. Meanwhile, the device’s reflective material makes it easy to spot from a distance. Buy now!CORD-Deployment.jpg
  1. Chill out
    bigboppercooler.pngBass Pro Shop Big Bobber floating cooler. According to Boating Magazine, the boater on your list will be the coolest person at the cove with the Big Bobber floating cooler. It keeps 12 cans ice cold for hours while fitting right in out on the water with its bright red-and-white bobber design. It’s made of high-impact polypropylene with UV stabilizers. A handle flips out of the top for easy carrying. Dimensions: 14-by-14 by 153/4 inches. Available at basspro.com.
  1. Close at hand
    In VHF radios Icom is recognized as one of the world leaders and its handheld VHF radios are a big part of that success. The M25 handheld VHF radio is a compact unit with big features. Available in Screenshot 2017-11-08 12.56.06.pngMarine Blue, Metallic Gray, or Pearl White. The M25 Handheld VHF has a straight-forward layout of the buttons on the front panel which provide the user with simple and easy operation. The LCD screen of the M25 30 percent larger than the M24 making it easier to see channel numbers and status icons. The M25’s built in lithium-ion battery will typically provide up to 11 hours of operation.

    The M25 is charged through a micro-USB connector meaning cigarette lighter cables or mobile batteries with a USB Connection for charging smart phones or other devices can be used to charge the M25. If you happen to drop your M25 overboard, don’t worry the Float’n Flash feature lets you know where it is with a flashing red LED light and LCD/Key backlight.
  1. Security measures
    security-measures.jpgSiren Marine’s MTC boat monitoring and tracking system is a practical security solution for boats ranging from center consoles and bass boats to cruising sailboats and trawlers. The MTC system lets you keep tabs on your boat from anywhere in the world via 3G cellular service. GPS tracking makes it easy to see where your boat is at all times. The MTC will automatically alert you via the Siren Marine app to a variety of critical conditions, such as unauthorized entry/motion, battery voltage, bilge-level status, temperature and vessel location. MTC also lets you control key onboard systems, such as alarms, cabin and cockpit lighting, air conditioning, battery switches and more from a smartphone or computer. Sirenmarine.com

These are just a few of the interesting, innovative and imaginative gifts you can find for the mariner on your list -- whether their interest leans more to fishing excursions, day boating on the lake or cruising out in the open ocean.

Watch upcoming blogs as we offer a few more holiday gift suggestions. Let us know your suggestions or go-to gift ideas for your favorite mariner.

To see a complete line of SWTILIK marine safety products, click here: http://www.switlik.com/marine

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