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Four Tips To Keep Your Boat Looking Great All Season Long

by Ryan Taffet on 19. Jun, 2018

This is the time of year we’ve all been waiting for. The boat is in the water, fishing is beginning to heat up. Prime time canyon fishing is right around the corner. If you’re like me you probably started the season by putting a great deal of work into (or spending a great deal of money on) a complete detail for your boat. As we all know, boats take a great deal of abuse over the season and that detail won’t last forever. With that in mind, here are my top four tips to keep your boat looking great all season long.

Man Overboard! Food for Thought

by Ryan Taffet on 05. Apr, 2018 in Marine

It all happened in an instant, yet it felt like slow motion. What started out as a beautiful “light-and-variable wind” day of sharking in the mudhole eventually progressed into fifteen knot winds and four-foot seas by the afternoon. As we started rocking and rolling, the chum in our two chum bags started dispersing at a much more rapid rate. As I reached over to grab on of the chum bags for a refill, the frayed rope holding the bag instantly snapped, sending the bag adrift. I put my knees on the gunnel and over-extended my reach as far as I could to save my $30 chum bag. At that very instant, a rogue five-foot wave lifted the opposite side of the boat and dipped my side almost into the water… I was about to become “one with the chum”, going from the very top of the food chain to the very bottom. I remember knowing that I was going in the water and feeling helpless to stop it. Head-first I slid right off the gunnel, took in a nice mouthful of salty chum water, and worked my way to the back of the boat where I had a fold-away swim ladder to get back onboard.

Thankful for the SWITLIK CPR on Thanksgiving

by Ryan Taffet on 30. Nov, 2017 in Life Rafts

My wife deserves far more credit than I give her (and don’t they all really). In particular, her patience for my annual Thanksgiving morning shenanigans is something to be marveled. The problem really centers around the fact that the morning turns into the afternoon, which turns into the early evening… and that’s when the door swings open, everybody’s mouth full of turkey and stuffing and I’m standing there smelling like fish in my foul weather gear getting the “look of death” from my beloved partner. My buddies and I have a long-standing tradition of meeting at the boat every year on Thanksgiving just before dawn for what typically turns out to be one of our last fishing trips of the season. It’s at the end of the trip, when the bite is red hot and I know that the turkey is just coming out of the oven at home that “one more cast” becomes the phrase for the next two hours, making me incredibly late for dinner.

Life Rafts 101: A Buyers Guide for Responsible Offshore Anglers

by Ryan Taffet on 02. May, 2017 in Marine, Life Rafts

Looking beyond the “box” and “bag”

As much as it pains me to do so, I will admit that when shopping for a life raft, to the untrained eye they all essentially look the same. When looking at life rafts you will typically find a quality/performance/features versus price “value matrix”. Simply put, you get what you pay for.


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