Aviation gift ideas every pilot wants to land under their tree

As we get set to rev up our engines to tackle our holiday shopping, don’t forget the pilot or aviation enthusiast on your list. They’re usually the ones on our list who already have want they want, or tell you they don’t need anything—not easy to shop for!

Well, we’ve made holiday shopping for pilots and aviation fans just a little easier this year. Here’s our list of top gifts for them:

  1. Bose A 20 Aviation headset
    boseaviationheadset.pngThe Bose A20 is one of the most technologically advanced Bose headsets. Bose was the first to introduce active noise reducing headsets to aviation more than 20 years ago. Now, the A20 headset introduces a new standard -- it has been engineered for significantly increased noise reduction in even louder environments, all without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. Plus, it has a Bluetooth communications interface for both cell phone and music, auxiliary audio input and priority switching. It’s made in the U.S.A., and meets or exceeds all TSO requirements.
    Available at Bose.com
  1. Aviator jacket
    bomberjacket.pngThe Cockpit Mustang A-2 aviator jacket harkens back to World War II bomber jackets. The Type A-2 leather flight jacket is one of the most classic and immediately recognizable articles of military clothing ever designed. It is most closely associated with World War II U.S. Air Force fighter pilots, who often decorated their jackets with squadron patches and elaborate artwork painted on the back.

    It has classic A-2 styling and a 100 percent antique lamb outer shell. Some of the features include top and side entry front pockets; a hidden pen pocket; snap down collar and leather epaulets with an all season poly fiber filling; and patriotic flags embroidered and silk screened lining with other interior vintage accents. The jacket is proudly made in the USA.
    Available at mypilotstore.com 
  1. SWITLIK CPR Life Raft
    cpr-feature.jpgIt is important to think safety for your pilot or aviator—as well as their passengers. Only SWITLIK offers all the safety of twin tubes in a Single Tube Raft. The CPR is the commercial version of the raft designed for and adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard for Helicopter Operations. This professional grade life raft is now available for general aviation. Catering to both the fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the CPR is TSO-C70a Type II approved.
    Buy now! https://store.switlik.com/collections/life-rafts/products/cpr-cruising-passage-raft
  1. The Pilot’s Pen
    pilotspen.pngThis handy stocking stuffer or gift is ideal for your pilot or anyone who needs illumination when writing -- pilots, flight crews, doctors, military, etc. Stylish and attractive plastic pen with a silver metallic finish. Gift boxed in a metal box that includes the pen, three extra black ink cartridges and an extra battery pack.
    Available at Amazon, Staples and other retailers. 
  1. Inside the Cockpit
    pilotbook.pngPilots and aviation enthusiasts love to know everything they can about flying and aviation. Published by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, this book is filled with an array of color photographs that will delight any pilot. It focuses on the 50 most influential aircraft in aviation history.



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