Donning an ILV-20

ilv20-size-heroThe SWITLIK ILV-20 underarm support offers upright flotation that is natural for the child and comforting for the parent. For the smallest infants with higher head to body weight ratios, the rear flotation lobes provides full head support.

Additionally, the SWITLIK ILV-20 offers a simple, secure and intuitive donning procedure and is also four-way reversible. It’s just four easy steps to help your infant or toddler into an ILV-20.

  1. Put the child’s arms through the arm holes so the clips are in the back.
  2. Connect the clips in the back of the vest.
  3. Tighten the straps if necessary.
  4. Pull the red buckles to inflate.

The SWITLIK ILV-20 offers upright flotation provided by underarm flotation.


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