Face shields vs. Face Masks: How do they compare?

Current recommendations from the CDC are to wear a face mask when you are out in public. But there’s a better option than a face mask.

The SWITLIK Face Shield

Danielle-shield-2Since March, SWITLIK has shifted our production to protect frontline workers with re-usable face shields. We got an overwhelmingly positive response from healthcare workers and face shields were in use at hospitals in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania region; including Columbia University Medical Group, Capital Health, Jersey Shore Pulmonary, Einstein Hospital, and Holy Redeemer.

How effective are Face Shields?

Respiratory viruses can infect a person not only through the mouth and nose but also through the eyes. By covering the full face, the shield provides superior protection. In a cough simulation study, research was suggested that a shield could reduce viral exposure to a cough expelled less than 18” away by 96%.

“These are amazing! All agree that these are the highest rated shields so far.”
—Columbia University Medical Group

Face Shields versus Face Masks

Face-Masks-vs-Face-ShieldsShields have a number of advantages over face masks. In additional to being more comfortable to wear, face shields cover the entire face, protecting all potential points of entry. The face shield can be re-used indefinitely and can be sanitized with common household cleaners. The SWITLIK Face Shield also has a removable headband that can be machine washed.

The Face Shield creates a barrier, stopping the user from touching their face while the face mask encourages face touching when you put it on or adjust the mask.

Do Face Shields need to be worn with a face mask?

Since face shields cover your entire face, it is not necessary to wear with a mask. Like anything else, face shields are just one part of protection and should be used in combination with social distancing and hand washing.




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