Installing your MOM 8-S

Proper installation in compulsory when setting up your MOM 8-S. Follow our easy to use steps.

Picking the spot

The MOM 8-S must be installed vertically, outside the toerail, in a location free of obstructions or possible entanglements. It is critical to the operation of the MOM that there be a clear path between the bottom of the valise and the water to allow the inflatable devices to fall freely without becoming entangled.

On most boats the best location is outboard on the stern pulpit. The ideal location is at the intersections of all vertical and upper horizontal members of the pulpit rail. The MOM 8-S can be installed on either a rail or a lifeline, if needed, an angled stanchion will work.

If you cannot install it on an intersection, the MOM 8-S may be mounted on parallel rails. The lower rail attachment can be made with either the lacing flap or the lacing flap cord, depending on the distance between the two rails.

lace up MOMAttaching the MOM 8-S

To secure the MOM 8-S to the rails, fully unlace the lacing flap. Place the flap over the top rail (or lifeline) and lace the flap back up, weaving through the lacing flap and case. Secure the laces with a square knot.

After use, the MOM 8-S can be rearmed and repacked by the user. Check out this video to see how.

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