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LISA-Slider-2aWe are excited to announce that after several years of development, manufacturing of the US Army LISA SuitLightweight Immersion Suit for Aviation has begun! As part of a multi-year EMD contract, SWITLIK, working hand-in hand with PM Air Warrior, has designed the innovative lightweight, LISA anti-exposure immersion suit as part of the U.S. Army Air Solider System (AirSS) program.  The US Army is expected to begin fielding the LISA suit as early as the 2nd quarter 2018.


The LISA suit is manufactured from a lightweight, breathable, FR, Gore-tex® laminated fabric in OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) and its design LISA-Slider-4aincorporates a SWITLIK unique U-shape entry for unassisted donning and doffing. Other unique features of the LISA suit include:

  • The first of its kind zip-in/zip-out short sleeve and leg liner system which is meant to replace the fleece layer of traditional 3-layer undergarment systems.
  • An LPT “Patch” and cable routing pocket which allows for the connection of a Liquid Pass-Thru (LPT) connector onto the suit while still retaining watertightness and allowing aircrew to wear a cooling vest underneath the LISA suit.
  • Adjustable, internal suspender system which helps ensure a proper fitting suit.
  • Lightweight and rugged elbow, seat and knee abrasion patches for superior durability.
  • New stretchable, water-proof sock design.

The LISA suit is among a number of anti-exposure suits and accessories SWITLIK manufacturers for the U.S. military along with a wide variety of life vests, rafts and anti-gravity garments. Check out LISA for yourself at the AAAA Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit, Booth 2122.

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