LPU 41/P Life Vests on Assault Amphibious Vehicles

AAV.jpgWe are pleased to announce that SWITLIK has been awarded a large fixed price contract (SPE8EZ-17-0056) to produce and deliver 3,500 life preservers to DLA depots, to support the worldwide outfitting of USMC Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs). The LPU-41/P life preserver was previously selected by the Marine Corps Systems Command to provide waterborne Egress Capabilities in the event of a rapidly sinking AAV.

lpu-41.pngThe LPU-41/P is capable of providing 65 pounds of buoyancy at the surgace, and 30 pounds of buoyancy at 33 feet below the surface of the water, while also providing a supplementary emergency breathing device should a Marine need to egress a submerged AAV. It is designed to be compatible with varying gear and includes a holster for an emergency breathing device.

The LPU-41 life preserver is among a number of life preservers SWITLIK offers for the military along with life rafts, anti-exposure suits and accessories, and anti-gravity garments.

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