Luxury Living at Airparks

Cape Cod is know for many things -- great boating destinations, top beaches and lots of water sports. But did you know it is also home to the only airpark in the state of Massachusetts?

 Falmouth Airpark 2.pngFalmouth, with is quaint Main Street, ample beaches and many historic sites, is also the place for Falmouth Airpark. The airpark is different from others in that the aircraft traffic is limited to the taxiways that are behind the houses on taxiway lots. Driving up from the street, you don’t even realize yet you are at the airpark as it looks like a neighborhood dotted with large homes and manicured lawns.

 Our brief tour was given by a spitfire, diminutive woman whose persona and energy were larger than life. Flying was her passion. She lit up when she talked about her adventures and what was still to come.

Falmouth Airpark.png Other residents of the Airpark shared her love of flying and adventure. Some are retired from distinguished careers in business and the arts while some make Falmouth their summer home while still working full-time. One of the residents said, “What better way to appreciate flying than with your own hanger right on your property.”

 One of the many benefits of airpark living! Aviation is truly a lifestyle.

 You can find airpark living in several parts of the United States, including Florida and Arizona. According to the Wall Street Journal, airparks gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s, but suffered during the housing crisis, when home values diminished. However, the Journal reported airparks have regained their interest and value, with many of them now featuring luxury communities with many amenities. 

To learn more about Falmouth Airpark, check out http://falmouthairpark.net/ and  http://www.sothebyshomes.com/videos?wm_video_id=khc08bcb3884khn.

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