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American manufacturing has been on the decline since the 1970’s and in 2010, China took over as the world’s largest manufacturer. It’s great to see the recent push to bring outsourced production back to the US but for us, that’s something our company has grown up with. As a company that started in 1920, we have never strayed from the tradition of American made.

 made-in-usa.jpgBut what does it actually mean to be Made in America? From a legal perspective, the meaning interpreted in a few ways, from having all or most of the parts manufactured and assembled in the US. There isn’t a law that requires manufacturers to state Made in America for most products, but for us it is a source of pride.

 For SWITLIK, creating and designing Made in America Survival Products means:

  • Being able to visit our factory in just seconds from our office.
  • Supporting and giving back to the local community.
  • Having total oversight and control in the entire production process.
  • Ensuring all labor laws are met and clean, safe working conditions for all employees.
  • Creating a family atmosphere by knowing and interacting with all employees.

 And for you, Switlik Survival Products Made in America status means you can count on quality and craftmanship creating a superior product.

 Check out exactly how are life vests are made in our factory in Trenton, NJ.



 SWITLIK life vests, Made in America, Shipped worldwide.

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