Off Season MOM Storage


CORDDuring the season, your man overboard recovery equipment was probably stored right on your deck, mounted to your railing. Perfect for easy access, but when your boat is not in use, it is recommended that the MOM be removed from the rail and stored below if the boat will be moored for extended periods.

Your man overboard equipment should be stored in a cool, dry environment. The ideal storage temperature is between 60º F - 70º F with no more than 50% humidity.

Do not stuff into a tight container or locker when not in use, nor allow other items to be stacked on top of it. Protect it against vermin, acids, gasoline, fuel oil, and other chemicals or their fumes which may contaminate the material. Do not expose to concentrations of ozone (produced by electric motors, generators, or switches). Do not store the unit on the ground.


The off season is a great time to take care of servicing. Depending on your man overboard recovery equipment, your service requirements will vary. Check your owner’s manual to see your specific servicing needs.

The MOM 8-A has a 2-year service interval. Service must be performed at a SWITLIK authorized MOM Service Center.

The MOM 8-S should be serviced every year. The MOM 8-S can be serviced by the user; however, only authorized parts may be used to service the device.

The CORD is intended to be used multiple times. The unit is self-serviceable with a 1-Year service interval.

The better the care your man overboard equipment receives, the longer it should last you.

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