Olga Mitchell -- born to fly

Olga Mitchell took her first airplane flight when she was 12 years old. And from then on she was hooked.

She had her first flying lessons in 1954 and after an 18-year gap, she started flying again in 1972. By 1973, she had her private pilot certificate, eventually earning her multi-engine, commercial, CFI and CFII certificates.

Olga Mitchell.jpgShe even bought her home in Falmouth, Massachusetts; which just happened to also have a plane she could buy -- a Cessna Cardinal. So she and her husband packed up their New Jersey home and moved to the Falmouth Airpark, a neighborhood community that just happens to have its own airstrip.

She brushes aside any notion that it is unique to be a female pilot. She says there is more and more interest from women. She and her fellow members of the 99s Women Pilots Organization are trying to recruit women. “So far, three new women pilots in the last year and a half,” she notes in her email correspondence.

She took the time to answer a few questions from SWITLIK.

What is it like up there flying a plane?

Mitchell: Words don’t exist to describe the thrill and views.

What do you say to other women about flying, if it is something they are interested in, but hesitant?

Mitchell: You can do it. Why have you waited so long?

Where are a couple of interesting airports you have flown into?

Mitchell: Probably the most interesting is Oshkosh for the annual fly in.  I started going in 1976 and went every year for about 20 years.  I've only have gone about 5 times in the last 20 years though.  I took my husband to Great Exuma in the Bahamas, Phoenix AZ, several trips to Florida.  

In 1998, I purchased an aerobic airplane in California -- a  Decathlon -- and flew it to my airport in New Jersey and  Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca in southern New Mexico.

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