A Day in the Life of SWITLIK—Engineering

by Danielle Connelly on 29. May, 2018

When it comes to manufacturing life saving equipment than people around the world rely on, every role at SWITLIK makes a difference. In this Day in the Life Series, we take a look at what Mechanical Engineer, Zack Caruso does in his role.

What life raft is right for me?

by Danielle Connelly on 23. May, 2018

Buying  a life raft? Navigating through the different features to determine exactly what you need can be complex. Walk through our chart to see what raft is right for you!

Your Safety Gear

by Danielle Connelly on 17. May, 2018

Before you fly, you do a routine safety check, but when’s the last time you did a safety check on what you need to wear during your flight? What you wear is what you’ll be leaving your helicopter if you need to ditch so you need that equipment to be up to task. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your safety gear. 

5 cool spots to fly to in a seaplane

by Danielle Connelly on 15. May, 2018

Beat the crowds to the great spots, take full advantage of spring with these 5 great seaplane spots.

The SWITLIK difference: 5 Year Service Interval

by Danielle Connelly on 08. May, 2018

Regular inspection ensures your life raft will perform as it is designed. While servicing is typically looked at as an expense, regular servicing will increase the life expectancy and your confidence in having proper equipment on board. Service costs are not created equal so when you’re shopping for a life raft, ask about expected service costs and intervals, which vary greatly between manufacturers. Today, the most common service interval is every 3 years although some manufacturers require an annual inspection. SWITLIK life rafts, however, offer an industry-leading 5-year service interval.

As a manufacturer, we strongly encourage regular servicing, on the yearly standard established by your raft’s manufacturer. Pushing your raft past its service interval is risking the chance the raft won’t deploy properly in an emergency and will only increase the cost of servicing. Just like regular maintenance on your car will extend the lifetime of the car, so will regular servicing.


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