Sail away your workday troubles

Your day’s itinerary starts off with a laidback breakfast on deck prepared with fresh ingredients and love by the captain’s wife, followed by a late morning snorkel and sail from island to island in the British Virgin Islands.

Sounds like the perfect vacation? And it is, according to travelers Michael and Martha. The couple hails from Massachusetts and travels with regularity. They love the ocean, beaches, and boats, though they are by no means, experienced mariners.

Sailing away.jpgEach winter they take a vacation to warmer climates and discovered a perfect getaway, staying on a sailboat for their accommodations. “We did a few trips to the BVI where we stayed not once, but twice on a sailboat run by the captain and his wife and we loved every single second,” was Martha’s email reply about her trip.

The couple and their two teenaged children flew to St. Thomas where they met the captain and his wife. From there they went from island to island. Every day was an adventure. They followed a loop around the islands but otherwise, everything was unscripted.

Snorkeling. Hiking. Kayaking. Exploring caves. Finding Happy Hours at local haunts. Just some of the items on the sailing adventure.

“They would find beaches that were deserted...just us. When we were ready for lunch they would return from the boat and deliver incredible picnics,” Martha tells us. “We had nine to 10 days to do whatever we wanted. It was one of the most exciting, relaxing vacations ever -- even with kids!”

And the kids are sure to learn a lot more than if they stayed at a resort, Martha notes. “The captain was so knowledgeable about sailing, fishing, and the islands. The kids learned so much.” To top off the vacation, on their last day a pod of Dolphins swam along their sailboat and followed along for a bit.

Safety was never a concern for the couple and their two children. The sailboat was equipped with liferafts, life vests and other emergency equipment, which she said was key to their peace of mind. Martha reminds people who are considering a trip like this to do your homework on the crew you might be working with, their emergency plans and the safety equipment if you have any doubt. After all, she said the trip should be adventurous and fun, but also safe.

There are numerous websites, including the intrepidtravel.com, (http://www.intrepidtravel.com/us/theme/sailing) where you’ll find all kinds of sailing adventures.

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