Sailing aboard the Hindu

Every sailor dreams of adventure on the water. Many even take it further by making their living using their sailing and hospitality skills. Devin Liang, a young adventurer and all-around-good-guy who isn’t afraid of hard work, is spending his summer as part of the crew  on the schooner Hindu.

Hindu charters is a family owned, local business sailing out of Key West, Florida, and Provincetown, Massachusetts, splitting the seasons between the two ports of call. One of the oldest, most historic wooden schooner’s, the Hindu has sailed out of Provincetown since 1946. Here is Devin’s account of his adventure.



When we are out sailing it is the best office in the world. Passengers we take out often say they would trade places with us in a second, but there is actually a lot more work to do than meets the eye.

My captain says we do five hours of maintenance for every 1 hour of sailing. The boat I work on is a 92-year-old wooden sailboat and that means I spend a lot of time working on maintaining the wood.

The coolest experience on the job so far has been sailing the boat from Key West to the Cape. We were underway for 12 days and often didn’t see another boat for days. The sunsets and sunrises were among the most beautiful I have ever seen. We rarely went more than a few hours without seeing dolphins playing in our wake. We caught plenty of bluefin tuna and mahi mahi along the way, making for some great eating.

So far, it has been a great experience and I have a lot of fun. While it is not something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life,  it is definitely an experience I will never forget.


Learn more about the Hindu and its complete 2012 restoration. 

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