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Techfloat UAS Use

In recent years, drone advancements have allowed Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to be used in increased capacities in emergency response. Drones can offer some distinct advantages in emergency response missions, and may keep people out of risk, and can be flown in environments where other options may not be available, including bad weather. Using drones or UAS, when equipped with a droppable, inflatable flotation device, like the Techfloat, can provide a critical support to search and rescue operations.

Earlier this year, we announced a new partnership with Enterprise UAS using the Techfloat and the Enterprise UAS drop system on the Matrice 210 and the Matrice 600 UAS. Enterprise UAS is also coming out with a drop system for the Matrice 300 and will be out soon. Check out their demo.

The advantages of using the Techfloat attached to a drone make the rescue team more efficient, quicker in a response; ultimately, saving time, money and not putting the rescue team at risk. The Techfloat is an ideal life-saving tool to be droppable from a UAS because of its unique packaging. It’s a pre-packaged life ring that inflates as soon as it hits the water and has an attached rope that can be pulled back by the rescuer. Together, the Techfloat and a UAS can be used in several emergency response situations, including:

Ocean Rescue

Techfloat drone dropDeliver inflatable flotation device to a stranded person behind the water line. Using a UAS, the rescue team can deliver and drop an inflatable to the victim. When the inflatable hits the water, it begins to inflate. The victim can swim into the inflatable, which is tethered to a person or stationary item with the rescue team and can be pulled in. 

Flood or Swift Water Rescue

Similar to ocean rescue, a drone can be equipped with an inflatable and dropped to a victim. With quickly rising water in a flood, people can become stranded, surrounded by water. Life jackets, underarm flotation device and rescue lines can be dropped to victims via UAS.

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