The Pilot Personality

Aviation is a fascination for many of us. If you have ever been to an airplane show or exhibit, you've seen first-hand how many people are interested in so many aspects of flying and aviation.

Airport-Proof-115.jpgWe’ve always been particularly interested in pilots. What motivates them? How did they get started as a pilot? What are they thinking about when flying; whether for commercial flights or their own private planes? Those of us who have traveled on a small aircraft or have been right next to the pilot have an even better appreciation for what the pilot does and his or her level of command.

Pilots are certainly unique. Did you know, in addition to flying skills, physical and mental health; pilots are selected for their personalities—the  distinct "pilot persona." These characteristics make them safer pilots.

We've found pilots to have these 10 characteristic traits:

  • Self-sufficient
  • Suspicious, pilots have difficulty trusting anyone else to do the job as well as they can.top-gun-tom-cruise-1.jpeg
  • Intelligent and analytical. Pilots are practical thinkers.
  • Competitive
  • Hungry for excitement and adrenaline-fueled
  • They like "toys" -- airplanes, boats, cars, motorcycles, big watches, etc.
  • Hands-on, and good at taking things apart
  • Goal-oriented
  • Bimodal: on/off, black/white, good/bad, safe/unsafe, regulations/non-regulations.
  • Quick-thinkers, drawing conclusions rapidly about situational facts. 

Think about the pilots you know. Do they fit any of these characteristics? If you are a pilot, do you see yourself in any of the traits that are typically associated with a pilot?

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