The SWITLIK Difference: Hand Assembled

We live in an age where a majority of production is passed off to overseas manufacturers, in unknown conditions. Safety and survival products are precise pieces of equipment, following a detailed construction process. A single misstep or oversight can result in the effectiveness of the product.

When lives count on it, you need it to work, every time. 

The SWITLIK Difference

Everything, from product development to shipping, is done right here in our factory in Trenton, New Jersey. This gives us total control over every step in the process, allows us to make any necessary updates as needed, and the ability to integrate quality assurance in every step along the way. With everything done on-site, we can test each and every product before it’s put to the real test in the field.
The SWITLIK Difference? Accountability and transparency in every step of the process. Our products are hand-assembled, overseen by our team of engineering and product quality supervisors. It’s not just SWITLIK safe, it’s SWITLIK made.

These are the hands that sewed your product.



And these.  suit sewing

These are the hands that assembled your product.  vest assembly

And these. screenprinting 

These are the hands that tested your product.waterproofing testing

 And these.
air test inflation

These hands, and all others at SWITLIK, follow all AS-9100 requirements, building you products to the highest level of quality control approvals, the management standard for the aviation, space, and defense industries. SWITLIK Survival Products, quality and craftmanship to create a superior product.

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