The SWITLIK Difference: The one for all

When you’re outfitting your plane with life vests, you need to consider who your passengers will be. Will you be flying your family around and possibly bringing children with you? Life vest requirements do vary for size so you’ll want to make sure you have vests that will fit and offer the most safety for everyone on board. Of course, we know storage can be limited so you’ll want to get the max use out of the life vests you have on hand. Additionally, in a light plane, donning a life vest might be a tight squeeze and a constant-wear vest,  might be a better fit.

The SWITLIK Difference

ALL-PAX-AdultThe All-PAX life vest has maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of sizes, offering protection for most passengers on the aircraft, from children 35 lbs. and up to full-sized adults. 

Designed for easy donning, the All-PAX life vest is an encapsulated, individual flotation device approved to ETSO-C13f and FAA TSO-C13d. When in use for children, the life vest design incorporates an integrated child strap to accommodate smaller wearer with two attachment buckles for a more secure fit. For all users, the life vest offers over 35 lbs. of buoyancy with a twin chamber inflatable cell equipped with two oral tubes.ALL-Pax_Child-COllage

For all your passengers, the ALL-PAX passenger life preserver is perfect for over-water flight protection and provides sufficient flotation for children and adults. Get yours today!

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