The SWITLIK Difference: Toroidal Stability Device

Life Raft Features

All rafts come standard with some type of ballast system. Ballast system usually consist of bags attached to the bottom of the raft. These fill with water when the raft is deployed, helping to keep the raft from blowing over before boarding. When faced with a force, like wind or the downdraft of a helicopter, the ballast system act as a counter-weight, providing on-demand stabilization. The filled bags resist the lifting of the raft from wind and waves, helping to prevent capsizing.

The SWITLIK Difference
TSD vs Ballast BagsFor those who venture to farther waypoints and test the limits of their craft, add our available Toroidal Stability Device for the ultimate ballast system. Developed from extensive testing and used by both the United States Coast Guard as well as the Royal Australian Air Force, TSD is vastly superior to standard rectangular, Icelandic, or hemispherical ballast systems. Both the United States Coast Guard and the Royal Australian Air Force tested life rafts featuring our Toroidal Stability Device in heavy weather conditions and tried, unsuccessfully, to capsize them with the down-wash from their helicopters. As the  key component to our best-in-class stability, the Toroidal Stability Device features complete wrap-around ballasting covering the entire perimeter of the underside of the raft with one large weighted water-holding chamber. TSD is available on the OPR and SAR-6 Life Rafts.

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