Inflating the life jacket

by Danielle Connelly on 17. May, 2017 in Aviation

With a majority of the “living space” on Earth covered by water, what can we do to avoid exploring the oceanic crust?

The idea of a life preserver has been around since early day explorers and nomads, using inflated animal bladders for support crossing water but began shaping into modern versions by Norwegian seamen, on their travels creating buoyant packages consisting of wood or cork to be used as flotation devices in case of capsize. This soon sparked inventors to develop different ring buoys, ballast belts, and full body suits. From there, designs refined, and the development of the life jacket gets a little “inflated” as several are credited with the wearable cork jacket:

With the growing use of RFID in aerospace, Switlik answers

by Danielle Connelly on 25. Apr, 2017 in Aviation

Today, airlines face tremendous pressure from rising business costs, low-cost competitors, and passenger service demands; airlines constantly need to search for new advances in technology and process improvements to develop a competitive edge. For everyone’s safety, the industry will never get away from or minimize a thorough checklist that flight and ground crews must go through to deem the aircraft fit to fly, through ICA compliance. But there is an easier, more efficient route for the flight crew.

Coast Guard Alaska Season 2: Switlik Employees bursting with pride as their hard work gets national attention

by Switlik on 27. Apr, 2012 in Aviation

Switlik U Zip It in the Weather Channel's Coast Guard AlaskaWith a successful season one of Coast Guard Alaska, the Weather Channel is at it again showing grueling action packed rescue missions of the USCG rescue team Kodiak, AK for a second season.  Coast Guard Alaska, which follows a team of Coast Guard swimmers and rescue pilots stationed in Kodiak, AK, as they train and implement strategies to save lives while battling harsh, icy weather conditions.  The show has hit home with all employees at Switlik as they see their hard work put to use with a screen full of  bright orange Anti Exposure Dry Suits worn by the pilots and crew members.  The Switlik U-ZIP-IT Dry Suit has been the suit of choice by the USCG for over seven years and due to its bright color is seen by every employee at the Trenton, NJ factory as it travels through the production line.  Filmed over the brutal winter months of Alaska, the new season is packed full of footage of the Dry Suits.  As a product manufacturer its invaluable to get an hour a week of product demonstrations and candid live feedback as the suits go through a vigorous range of activities.

The Weather Channel’s: Coast Guard Alaska gives the Switlik U-ZIP-IT a starring role

by Switlik on 25. Jan, 2012 in Aviation

Switlik U-Zip-It Anti-Exposure Suit in The Weather Channel Coast Guard AlaskaThe Weather Channel has been running a series that features the Coast Guard Air Station located on Kodiak Island, Alaska.  It highlights an elite team that risks their lives in search and rescue missions in the treacherous waters off Alaska.  The seven part series, Coast Guard Alaska, takes you into the family lives and onboard the missions of the heroes of the United States Coast Guard.  This show is of keen interest to the Switlik Survival Products team from Trenton, NJ, makers of the orange anti-exposure “dry” suits that help protect the USCG flight crews that wear them on every mission aloft

Switlik introduces two new Helicopter Life Vests to their line

by Switlik on 01. Aug, 2011 in Product Announcements, Press Releases, Aviation


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