Sailing with Pets

by Danielle Connelly on 05. Jun, 2018 in Marine

Like everything else with sailing, sailing with pets can be quite enjoyable, with the proper planning. Planning begins well in advance of your trip and we’ve broken down some critical items to consider into three main categories.

Man Overboard! Food for Thought

by Ryan Taffet on 05. Apr, 2018 in Marine

It all happened in an instant, yet it felt like slow motion. What started out as a beautiful “light-and-variable wind” day of sharking in the mudhole eventually progressed into fifteen knot winds and four-foot seas by the afternoon. As we started rocking and rolling, the chum in our two chum bags started dispersing at a much more rapid rate. As I reached over to grab on of the chum bags for a refill, the frayed rope holding the bag instantly snapped, sending the bag adrift. I put my knees on the gunnel and over-extended my reach as far as I could to save my $30 chum bag. At that very instant, a rogue five-foot wave lifted the opposite side of the boat and dipped my side almost into the water… I was about to become “one with the chum”, going from the very top of the food chain to the very bottom. I remember knowing that I was going in the water and feeling helpless to stop it. Head-first I slid right off the gunnel, took in a nice mouthful of salty chum water, and worked my way to the back of the boat where I had a fold-away swim ladder to get back onboard.

Buying a Life Raft Checklist

by Danielle Connelly on 06. Mar, 2018 in Marine, Aviation, Life Rafts

Buying a life raft is an investment into something you hope you never have to use; but when you do have to use it, you want to make sure your life raft performs. Purchasing a life raft can be overwhelming,  with so many different features to compare.

10 Weird Boating Laws in the U.S.

by Danielle Connelly on 26. Feb, 2018 in Marine

Some were written out of necessity, some were written out of spite or extreme situations. Some just seem like they were written for no reason at all. But these 10 weird laws still exist today. 

Break the Cold Snap—Top 5 Winter Destination Fishing Locations

by Danielle Connelly on 06. Feb, 2018 in Marine

With temperatures colder than normally this winter, just about everyone is itching for a warm getaway. These five spots might be the best winter fishing around. Bonus—these spots are not just great for fishing but also for tourism so you can even take your family!


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