Traveling Safety Tips

Whether for a long weekend or an extended holiday expedition, traveling offers a world of experience but can leave you vulnerable at home or on the road. As you know, safety is in our DNA, so we’ve rounded up our top traveling safety tips.

 At home

  • Protect your home against theft by creating an illusion that you’re home with automated timed lights. Request your post office to hold your mail and cancel any subscriptions like your newspaper or meal delivery.
  • Share your itinerary with family or close friends and check in when you get to your different destinations. Have any emergency and medical information written down and make copies of your personal documents.


  • ILV-20Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone—that text can wait. Plan your ride, festive gatherings call for a designated driver
  • It pays to be prepared for heavy traffic. Bumper to bumper can leave you stuck in your car longer than expected. Fuel up that tank! And pack snacks and travel with a first aid kit.


  • Listen to the flight attendant’s safety briefing. Aside from learning where your life vest is located, you’ll learn how to properly don your vest.
  • Child on board? Make sure you ask your flight attendant for an infant life vest.

Here at SWITLIK, we wish you safe travels this holiday season.


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