What makes a raft a SWITLIK?

Purchasing a life raft can be overwhelming,  with so many different features to compare. With 70 years experience of manufacturing life rafts, we've developed industry leading features that are unique only to SWITLIK life rafts.

Air Charge Inflation
air-inflation-icon.jpgWith SWITLIK’s Air Charge Inflation System, there is now a visible “go/no go” pressure gauge that lets you know your raft is ready to deploy. Charged to an impressive pressure of 3,000 psi, this system gives you the most rapid and stable inflation across an array of varying temperatures. Whether your travels take you to the warmth of the tropics or all the way to the frigid poles, with SWITLIK’s Air Charge Inflation System you can be confident that your raft is charged and ready to go.

Convertible Canopy System
Convertible-Canopy-icon.jpgSWITLIK’s Signature Convertible Canopy System is a major improvement over rafts with limited points of entry. The Convertible Canopy System with multiple boarding points allows for rapid and unobstructed boarding during an emergency, without entering the water. This increases the safety factor for everyone on board, especially when those who are young, old, or injured need to get off the boat quickly. Rafts featuring this system inflate with the canopy still furled*; allowing for easier boarding from either the water or your vessel. Once in the raft, you can quickly inflate the arch tubes with a separate inflation system, keeping them isolated from the main buoyancy chamber, and zip close the Bimini top cover for protection. SWITLIK also colors the interior of all canopies blue and offers an array of ventilation options, which has been proven to mitigate the effects of sea sickness.Convertible_Canopy_OPR.jpg

Toroidal Stability Device (TSD)
Toroidal-Stability-icon.jpgSWITLIK believes that the best-in-class life rafts should also offer the best-in-class ballast system. Developed from extensive testing and used by both the United States Coast Guard as well as the Royal Australian Air Force, SWITLIK’s Toroidal Stability Device is vastly superior to standard rectangular, Icelandic, or hemispherical ballast systems. Both the United States Coast Guard and the Royal Australian Air Force tested life rafts featuring our Toroidal Stability Device in heavy weather conditions and tried, unsuccessfully, to capsize them with the down-wash from their helicopters. As the key component to our best-in-class stability, the Toroidal Stability Device features complete wrap-around ballasting covering the entire perimeter of the underside of the raft with multiple, weighted, water-holding chambers.

Heat Sealed Construction
Heat-Sealed-icon.jpgEach buoyancy chamber on a SWITLIK life raft is constructed of double-coated nylon material that is heat sealed at all junctures to create the strongest possible bond in our materials. We credit this essential feature for the reason why countless SWITLIK life rafts are still giving their owners peace of mind after decades of ownership. SWITLIK has taken a firm stance against using cements to construct our buoyancy chambers as cements degrade more rapidly over time and also release a sharp odor which is known to add to the likelihood of seasickness. Heat Sealed Construction means that your raft will last season after season and continue to provide you with the peace of mind that your family and crew are safe.

Nylon-HD-icon.jpgFor mariners who push the boundaries and face the harshest conditions in the quest for adventure, SWITLIK offers the most durable material available in our signature Nylon-HD on select rafts. At 840 Denier Weave, this rugged material is designed to be the most puncture-resistant material available on any professional life raft on the market today. Rafts featuring our double coated Nylon-HD fabric are designed and constructed to be the strongest rafts made for the harshest conditions.

5-Year Service Interval
5-year-Service-icon.jpgThe culmination of all of SWITLIK’s best-in-class features is an industry-leading 5-Year Service Interval. Designed to limit the down-time and expense traditionally associated with the ownership of a life raft, our 5-Year Service Interval is also an outward sign of our commitment to quality and consistency in our American-made products.

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