What's in your ditch bag?

When there’s a need for you to abandon your boat, it is crucial for you to be prepared. Time is of the Raft-Distress.jpgessence and you can’t be running around grabbing emergency supplies. Having a ditch bag ready to go, located in an accessible place near your life raft, could be in the difference in your survival.

Your life raft will have an already packed survival bag with some of the key supplies you might need—SWITLIK life rafts come standard with a heaving ring, knife, manual pump, and repair clamps. Normal survival equipment is also packed, depending on your specific configuration for the ISO OPR HD and SAR-6 rafts.

Typical 24-hour Pack May Contain

Additional Extended Pack May Contain

Barracuda Solar flash light (2)

24-hour pack

Pump & Hose

Hand Flares

Paddles (2)

Water (24 packs)

Repair Clamps (2ea)

Thermal Protective Aid

Parachute Flare (2)

First Aid Kit*

Hand Flares (3)



Desalinator (in lieu of 48 water packs)

Topping off/Pressure Relief Valve (2)




Sponges (2)




Seasick Bags


Seasick Pills


*Equipment does vary manufacturer to manufacturer so we recommend checking with your specific brand.

opr-speed.jpgOnce you know what’s included with your life raft, SWITLIK does recommend packing an additional ditch bag. Your needs will vary depending on your specific trip and when you’ll think rescue will come. In lieu of a complete list of supplies for your ditch kit, we’ve focused on standard items you’ll need, regardless of your location.

  • Medical Kit to include any medications you or your crew might need
  • Handheld VHF radio
  • Additional water and/or water maker
  • Additional sunscreen
  • Personal identification papers and money
  • Emergency food rations like MREs and energy bars

Now that you have a general idea of what belongs in your abandon ship kit, you need an appropriate bag or container to house it all. We recommend two different brands based on your needs and equipment preferences.

The Ditch Kit®
The Ditch Kit is a pre-packaged, custom-built survival kit, featuring communication, navigation, medical, convenience and repair components. Depending on the type of boating you’re doing, you can purchase a Bluewater, Offshore, Bay, Backcountry, or Personal Survival Kit.

LifeCell is a free-float design with room to hold additional emergency supplies. In a pinch, it can be used to keep crew together in the water if you were unable to board your life raft right away. The LifeCell is available in 4 sizes.

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