Your passenger’s view of safety

Many seasoned boaters have spent years on the water, enjoying the lifestyle it provides. Experienced mariners are typically prepared for the unpredictability of the sea. But what about your guests on the boat?

As someone who loves the water, but also has some trepidation when things turn quickly at sea, it is reassuring to know your boat captain is prepared. I’ve been on the water boating many times when the winds change or suddenly the seas begin to swell without much notice.

your passenger.pngAs a passenger, I immediately check to see where the personal floatation devices are stored, and scan for other safety equipment. Most times the captain or owner of the boat doesn’t even know I’m doing a quick check. I’m not an experienced mariner and I want to be prepared.

My mind always has that “what if” factor going.  I’m a decent swimmer but by no means would I be confident should an emergency arise. I’ve been on several ferries to various islands as well and I’m always looking for safety equipment. It actually surprises me that on commercial ferries there is very little time and attention paid to reminding people where to locate safety equipment.

Many of us just want to enjoy our boating experience, but we are also quietly concerned about our own safety and the safety of the boat we are using. That’s why it is critical for boat owners to remember the less experienced passengers on their boat and are prepared for any eventuality. For many passengers, this might be their first time on a boat, or they rarely get to be on a boat. I know I feel a whole lot better when I see safety equipment clearly marked and available for any eventuality. Equally important to being visible, they need to be up to date and tested.

Switlik Survival Products, like man overboard recovery systems or life rafts, can give your passengers peace of mind, even on the calmest of days. In my experiences boating, I can only think of once or twice when we actually needed emergency equipment, but so grateful it was there. Whether sailing,fishingor just cruising, give yourself and your passengers the assurances they need to be prepared for anything on the water.

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