Safety for all passengers


Flying over water?

Follow FAA Regulations

If a plane will be operating over water, regulations require a life preserver for every occupant. Additionally, life rafts, with enough occupancy for all passengers, must be stowed abroad the aircraft.

The right safety equipment matters.

  • SWITLIK Life Vests are available with RFID tags to confirm all emergency equipment is present and serviceable. The RFID tag helps airline operations lower costs, improve efficiencies and reduce manual error.
  • Protection for the smallest passengers. Infant life vests with an underarm configuration instead of the traditional yoke style provide better upright flotation for developing babies and toddlers.

Fly safely with SWITLIK

Airline Style Life Vests

For passengers of all sizes, infant to adult, SWITLIK has been producing and selling life vests to airlines for over 60 years.

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Life Rafts

FAA TSO Approved

Up to 10 person max overload, SWITLIK life rafts provide emergency flotation.

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For infants up to 35 lbs.

The SWITLIK ILV-20 infant life vest is lighter weight, smaller, less expensive and, most importantly, performs better than anything else on the market by fitting a broader range of child size with intuitive donning and enhanced flotation.

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