Outfitting your boat for safe passagemaking

A proper passage begins with planning

Safety gear for coastal and bluewater cruising

To ensure your cruising experiences are always safe and smooth, you have to be prepared with the proper safety equipment. You can’t always predict an emergency, so be prepared for any situation. Items like an EPIRB, man overboard recovery systems and life rafts are the things you hope you never need to use but you’ll be glad you have them when you need it.

Whether you're just off the coast or cruising in bluewaters, SWITLIK supplies emergency safety gear for boats of all sizes.

Have the proper safety equipment on board:

  • “Man overboard” is one of the last things you want to hear when you’re out on the water; but when it does having the ability to act, rather than freeze on the spot, could be the difference between life and death for the person-in-water. Get an all-in-one man overboard recovery system.
  • A life raft is designed to keep everyone together and out of the water, providing protection from the elements and creating a larger visual while awaiting rescue. See what makes SWITLIK Life Rafts unique

Be prepared and be safe on all your boating trips with family and friends. 

man overboard drill

Cruise safely with SWITLIK

Man Overboard

Recovery Devices

Throwable safety module to save man overboard. Provides extra flotation and a way to pull the victim out of the water and back to the boat.

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Life Rafts

Coastal and Offshore

If you need to abandon ship, a life raft is necessary to ensure your survival. Be sure to select one with the right capacity for your crew and robust enough for your cruising waters.

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Step up or step down?

Abandoning ship is your last resort. There’s no hard and steadfast rule for exactly when you should abandon ship. Rather, it really depends on you, your situation, your boat, and your crew.

Using your life raft