Drone Rescue


Reshaping the future of Search and Rescue

Saving Lives

Drones can be used to deliver life-saving rescue equipment, while keeping the rescue team at a safe distance. Auto-inflating flotation devices can be dropped to victims in the water, creating a connection between the victim and the rescuer.

The rapid deployment of safety equipment via drone increases the chances of a successful recovery. 

  • Access hard to reach areas
  • Perform search and rescue missions in all weather
  • Protect rescue team from potential risks in having to enter water
Techfloat drone drop

Deliver underarm flotation to victim at a distance


Inflatable rescue device for all-season water and ice rescue that has incorporated lifting capability. The floating line stays connected to the victim and rescuer.


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The SWITLIK MRP-10 Inflatable Marine Rescue Platform is the rescue tool of choice by search and rescue teams and first responders around the world. The quickly deployed and easy to board MRP-10, aids in getting large groups of distressed victims safe and up out of the water.


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Demo Drone rescue

Switlik partners with Enterprise UAS on a drone demo rescue using the Techfloat Lift and Recovery Device.

Switlik Demo