World Sailing approved device, in a small, soft pack 


The MOM 8-Sis designed to provide the market with a lighter, smaller version of the current MOM 8-A. The unit consists of Switlik's new Underarm Flotation Device (UFD), Inflatable Pylon and Sea Anchor.

The MOM 8-S meets World Sailing Offshore Racing Special Regulation 4.22.1 for Man Overboard Lifebuoys and the Pacific International Yachting Organization Special Regulations as Life Saving Equipment in Section 5.6. The MOM 8-S is the new sailing safety standard.

The soft pack valise is made of Herculite® 80 Laminated Nylon. This case is tear and abrasion resistant, impermeable, mildew/rot resistant, UV resistant and easy to clean.





MOM 8-S top

Quick Deployment

Pull to inflate, again & again.

The MOM 8-S is rigged for manual inflation. Upon releasing the one-touch buckle and pulling an easy to grab red handle on the valise, the unit will inflate and fall to the water, detaching from the boat to stay with the victim. There is a failsafe to ensure both the UFD and Pylon inflate once fired off.

NOTE: This unit is NOT rigged for automatic inflation. Meaning you don't have to worry about it firing off if it catches spray from waves or the hose.

The MOM 8-S is Self-serviceable with a 1-Year service interval.

Superior Flotation

35 lbs. Buoyancy

Switlik’s new UFD provides 35+ Lbs. of inflated buoyancy, keeping the Person in Water (PIW) head and shoulders out of the water more effectively than traditional means of rescue flotation. This allows for the victim to assist in their own rescue.


Be visible.

Remain in place.

When inflated, the ballasted Locator Pylon has a 6-foot waterline height. Located on top of the pylon is a water-activated, lithium-powered, flashing light with 5 years of life. The light can be seen nearly one nautical mile away under normal night conditions. The pylon has 2 SOLAS reflective panels to aid the boat's search.

Tethered to the horseshoe and the pylon is a 16" diameter, ballasted, self-opening Sea Anchor to reduce downwind drift keeping the victim in the same position as when they went overboard.


Technical Specifications

Certifications:  World Sailing Offshore Racing Special Regulation 4.22.1 for Man Overboard Lifebuoys
Pacific International Yachting Organization Special Regulations as Life Saving Equipment in Section 5.6
Dimensions: 11.5"H x 6.5"L x 5.25"W

15.3 lbs. packed

Material: Heavy Duty Herculite® 80 Laminated Nylon (UV, Mildew, Abrasion resistant) 
Case Color: White
Underarm Flotation Device:  
Double Coated Polyurethane Nylon (210D)
Buoyancy: 35 lbs.
Inflated Color: High Visibility Yellow
Inflation: 33g - CO2 cylinder
Lifting Straps: 1" wide tubular nylon webbing with 2 S.S. D-rings. (1,600 lb+ break strength)
Tethers 3/8" Floating line
Sea Anchor 16" diameter
Waterline Height: 6 ft.
Material: 200D yellow urethane-coated nylon
Color: Yellow
Reflective Panels: 72 sq. inches
Ballast: 8 lbs.
Auto Light: 8 hr. flashing


The MOM 8-S is self-serviceable with a 1-Year Service Interval. Rearm kits are sold with service stickers for the following year to provide compliance for racing. Kits can be purchased through  SWITLIK Authorized Dealer & Service Centers.
Rearm Kit p/n S-4167-1 



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Does your MOM 8-S have a red velcro tab along the side (Gen II)? If so, use this manual.

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