Anti Exposure Flyers Coveralls

  • 86_P-01-Front
  • 86_P-01-Side
  • 86_P-01-Back
  • 86_P-01-DETAILS-Shoulder
  • 86_P-01-DETAILS-Zipper
  • 86_P-01-DETAILS-Leg Pocket

Ruggedized waterproof protection.

The CWU-86/P is an anti exposure coverall with reinforced ruggedized patches to withstand the use of the U.S Navy aircrew men on flight over water. Flyers coveralls are proven to protect the wearer from exposure against hypothermia and exposure to cold water, wind spray, and rain in the event of a water landing.


Made in USA


  • Ruggedized Fabric Patches
  • Waterproof protection
  • Includes over-vest pockets, latex neck seal & neoprene wrist seal
  • Available in 12 sizes (small-short to Extra Large- Long)

Download CWU - 86/P Sales Sheet


MIL-Spec: MIL-DTL-856336
NSN: 8475-01-532-XXXX
P/N: 3769AS101-X (1 to 12)
Fabric: FR, laminated Nomex® base cloth
Color: Sage Green