LPU-21 E/P

Constant-wear. Manually inflated.

  • LPU-21 E/P
  • LPU-21 E/P
  • LPU-21 E/P
  • LPU-21 E/P

High Performance. Lightweight. Low-Profile.
The LPU-21 E/P is a high-buoyancy, twin-chamber constant wear life preserver worn by military aviators flying helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Its manually activated inflation system makes its ideal for non-ejection seat applications.



  • Two independent, high visibility yellow flotation chambers
  • Waist and side collar lobes for maximum in-water auto-rotation
  • Two oral tubes for secondary inflation
  • FR Cover
  • Designed to be worn in conjunction with survival vests
  • Zipper Fasteners
  • Lighter weight and less bulk compared to the LPU-21 D/P

Download LPU - 21 E/P Sales Sheet


NSN: 4220-01-584-9055
Switlik P/N: S-2450-1
Buoyancy: 65 lbs
Inflation System: Two manual inflators and
two 35 gram CO2 cylinders
Weight: Less than 4 lbs
Cover Fabric: FR Nomex
Color: Freedom Sage