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Sailing safety gear

From falling overboard or the need to abandon ship, accidents happen when you least expect it. Is your sailboat equipped with the appropriate safety gear?

Whether you're sailing nearshore, along the coast or offshore, be prepared for emergencies. SWITLIK supplies emergency safety gear for sailing vessels of all sizes.

Have the proper safety equipment on board:

  • The nature of sailboats; with ropes, booms and sails, going overboard is a very real possibility. First, you need to quickly provide additional flotation to the victim, and then you'll need a way to recover the man overboard.  Get an all-in-one man overboard recovery system.
  • Life rafts are designed to be visible for rescue, constructed from highly-visible fabric. Depending on the type of raft you purchase, rafts offer varying levels of freeboard, keeping the rising sea out while still offering an easy way into the raft. See what makes SWITLIK Life Rafts unique

Be prepared and be safe on all your sailing trips with family and friends. 

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Set sail safely with SWITLIK

Man Overboard

Recovery Devices

An underarm flotation device will keep the victim afloat and gives you time to return in a safe and prepared manner. With the durable lifting straps, getting a victim back on board becomes easy.

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Life Rafts

Coastal and Offshore

When you need to abandon ship, a life raft is necessary to ensure your survival. Remember, survival times are severely compromised in cold water an emergency flotation to get you out of the water will make the difference.

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