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Water rescue equipment

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From swift water rescue, to floods, to the open ocean, water rescues can happen in any jurisdiction. Regardless of when someone falls into a flowing body of water, the rescue effort must be immediate. Search and rescue teams need to be well equipped to increase the chances of a successful rescue.   

With varied conditions for rescue missions, SAR teams need to be prepared:

  • Throw bags with lifting capability to get a victim flotation first and then out of the water
  • Custom fit dry suits protect against the elements
  • SWITLIK Life Rafts are designed for SAR applications and currently in use by the RAFF, AMSA, US Coast Guard, and many other organizations worldwide for their rescue efforts in some of the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer



The rescue equipment

Lift and Rescue Device

The TechFloat is a throwable, inflatable rescue device for all-season water and ice rescue that has incorporated lifting capability. This combination of features makes the Techfloat a complete rescue and recovery device for multiple scenarios and platforms. 

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Dry Suits

Breathable, fire-resistant dry suit provides the ultimate comfort and mobility, along with the highest level of cold water immersion protection.

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Life Rafts

Quickly deployed, easy to board life rafts. Rafts can be deployed from boats, helicopters or vehicle staging.

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Constant Wear Life Vests

Designed for wear during flights over water, FAA approved life vests with an approved survivor light.

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