POD-8 Life Raft

Designed for and used by the United States Coast Guard as their lightweight, air-droppable 8-person search and rescue raft. 


Quality Construction

Heat-sealed seams

The POD-8 is constructed of an extra-large diameter tube providing over 200 pounds of buoyancy per person with inner sleeves providing complete redundancy in the event of a puncture. Most single tube life rafts have two separate air chambers with internal airtight bulkheads, where a puncture or leak in either chamber will result in the loss of half the raft's floor area. The SWITLIK POD-8 has two separate chambers using internal sleeves that perform like the inner tube of a car tire that can be manually inflated if a puncture occurs, in order to retain the buoyancy of the tube.


POD-8 front

Complete Stability

to stay in place

As the key component to our best-in-class stability, the Toroidal Stability Device (TSD) features complete wrap-around ballasting covering the entire perimeter of the underside of the raft with multiple weighted, water-holding chamber. The TSD makes this raft nearly impossible to overturn in even some of the most severe sea conditions.


to fit your needs


  • Loose Raft, Part #: POD-8001-5,
    NSN: 4220-01-475-9317
  • Valise Pack, Part #: POD-8001-6
POD-8 case