NEW and Improved Techfloat

Lift & Rescue Device

The TechFloat is a throwable, inflatable rescue device for all-season water and ice rescue that has incorporated lifting capability. This combination of features make the Techfloat a complete rescue and recovery device for multiple scenarios. Including but not limited to: 

Swift Water - Still Water - Ice - High Angle

The TechFloat is worn with an over-the-shoulder strap, which connects the rescuer directly to the victim and leaves both hands free. The inflatable is removed from its valise, and easily thrown to the victim. The unit comes with 100 feet of highly durable floating line and has water-activated inflation. After activation, the victim places the inflated bladder around themselves, and the rescuer is free to retrieve the victim by means of the line attached between them.



Lift to safety

1,600+ Lbs lifting strength.

“Person in Water” (PIW) Rescue Responders now have a device that combines buoyancy for the victim with 100 feet of floating line for two-handed retrieval. Over 1,600 Lbs. of lifting strength allow for individuals to be hoisted to safety.

Superior Flotation

35 lbs. Buoyancy

Switlik’s new Underarm Flotation Device (UFD) provides 35 Lbs. of buoyancy, keeping the PIW’s head and shoulders out of the water more effectively than traditional means of rescue flotation. This allows for the victim to assist in their own rescue.

TechFloat Side_View_
Techfloat Alt_Securing_Method

Stay connected.

To your person or a stationary object.

A quick-disconnect buckle has been added to the shoulder strap for use in swift water rescue scenarios, and can be used to tie-off to a stationary object.